Impending iCloud Hack: True or False?

It's hard to know if the Turkish Crime Family's threat against Apple's iCloud web services can be taken seriously. In any event, taking the precautions outlined below are prudent. The Concern: A hacker group, that goes by the name of the Turkish Crime Family, claims that it has the credentials to 250 million iCloud accounts and is threatening to reset the passwords and remotely wipe customer devices if Apple doesn't pay a ransom by April 7. The hackers have attempted to prove the veracity of their claim by providing a sample of usernames and passwords to computer security experts who have all been alarmed by what they have found. Troy Hunt, who I recently mentioned in a blog post, has dete

Cloudbleed and What It Means To You

What do do about your Internet safety and security in the wake of the Cloudbleed information leak. If you have an account at any of the affe

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