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A recent hacking event highlights the need for all computer users to take a more active role in securing their computers and online accounts.

If you do not know what "Two-Step Authorization" is, or simply don't use it, now is the time to educate yourself and change your ways.

Please read the following one sentence summary of an article that I urge you to read, and click on that sentence to open the story in a new page.

A very tech savvy guy came home the other day to find his iCloud, Amazon, Google and Twitter accounts hacked, and his iPhone, iPad and Macbook erased, (including all his music and two years worth of his son's baby photos) all by some stranger by remote control!

Please set up Two-Step Authorization at Google.

Please start using a different, non-trivial password at every online site.

Please start using an application like 1Password to help you manage these passwords.

Please start regularly backing up your files.

If you need help, you know where I am!

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