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rob falk

...brings over 30 years of experience as a business consultant, attorney, and technology expert...



Everyone has those moments with electronics when you think, "Wow! I didn't know you could do that!" And then there's always, "I know it's supposed to do this, but it's just not happening." Rob Falk can demystfy and solve your technology needs, bringing an infectious passion for using and learning about technology and its role in our every day lives!

Rob Falk

Technology Consultant & Speaker


... is an attorney, educator, technology evangelist and consultant who was first captivated by the power of computers in 1972 and has been working and playing with them ever since. As the Director of New Media for the multi-platinum recording act Aerosmith, Rob launched that group into multimedia gaming and onto the Internet, where they pioneered music downloading and online chats. Rob’s passion is helping aging baby boomers understand and enjoy modern technology so they can benefit from the variety of ways these marvels can bring joy and connection to life. He is a frequent speaker at world-class destination health resort Canyon Ranch in Lenox, MA and Tucson, AZ.

Phone: (781) 989-2373

            (860) 595-2376

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