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Tech Talks

  • Incorporate cultural and philosophical implications and possibilties of a rapidly changing field

  • Unafraid to explore the harder questions about technology's societal effects

  • Offers insights on an array of topics ranging from social media to identity protection!

  • For more information on booking, click here

Security & Privacy for Computer, Internet & Smartphone 

Rob Falk, attorney and digital communications expert, will review a list of simple ways to protect yourself and your personal information from hackers, phishers and prying eyes. Bring your phone, tablet or laptop and find out how to make your online life more secure.

Facebook for Grandparents


These days, kids don’t call or write. If you want to communicate with your children and grandchildren more frequently, digital communications expert Rob Falk will show you the basic “rules of the road” for making a smooth, graceful entry into the world of Facebook.

Rob also has a hands-on 90 minute Facebook for Grandparents workshop. Click here for more information

Social Media for Everyone

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms can help you develop and nurture fulfilling connections with your children, grandchildren and friends. Digital communications expert Rob Falk will show you how a tiny investment of time can yield a vast fortune of excitement, joy and connectedness in your life.

We’ll talk about what Facebook is in plain English, address common reasons why people avoid Facebook, and show what Facebook offers for parents & grandparents. We’ll look at key Facebook features and share special tips for connecting and communicating with the younger generation! 

Technology: the New Addiction? 

Do your electronic devices control your life? Technology is a convenience that can easily morph into compulsion. With digital communications and high-tech expert Rob Falk, explore the line between use and abuse and how to live with our abundance of technology in a healthy and mindful way.

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