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Podesta's email lessons

The hack of Clinton Campaign manager John Podesta's email account was front page news for much of the summer. In a wide ranging interview in TechCrunch, Podesta talks about the politics and the fallout, but also the tech security lessons he's learned.

Here's an interesting and useful takeaway:

"I just didn’t realize how much I had archived on Google. I’m fairly sophisticated, but it just was not in my consciousness how much, including in the delete folder, was still there. I should have known that. I should have thought about, on my personal email account, what my retention policy is. We have one in the campaign. But I didn’t and I bet you a lot of people don’t. [ emphasis added.] They rely on the default and they don’t realize the retention risk, just the sheer volume of what’s there."

Do you have a lifetime's worth of email saved online? Maybe it's time to think about archiving some of that stuff locally.

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