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I'm Here to Save your Sex life!

Nearly four in 10 Americans say they would give up sex for one year in exchange for a lifetime of cybersecurity, according to a Harris Poll conducted for password manager Dashlane in October 2016. I guess that means we take the idea of being hacked or phished pretty darned seriously. People want to be safe online.

But, the truth is that wanting ≠ having. There needs to be doing. As the old story goes, the way you get to Carnegie Hall is "practice." The way you get cybersecurity is to do something about it.

The good news is that "doing" isn't all that tough. You just need to make a plan and then take regular, simple steps.

Our Internet, Email, Computer & Smartphone Security lecture and workshop can help you have a safer and more secure cyber life. A list of tips and software from that talk can be found here.

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