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This might work for "Heart & Soul"

There's nothing funny about getting hacked, but this scene from NCIS had me in eyes tearing hysterics.

Side-by-side keyboard antics may work for some piano duets, but Abby and McGee couldn't possibly accomplish anything in this case. You can tell that they're supposed to be really, really good because they type so fast.

Jethro took things into his own hands. Although it may have worked out for our heroes here, I wouldn't recommend the Gibbs method of cybersecurity either. Just shutting off the wi-fi or disconnecting the ethernet may have been sufficient, although less dramatically satisfying for the viewing audience.

Is this what doctors feel like when they watch Greys Anatomy?

Here's a more appropriate use of the two people/one keyboard theme, in a clip from youtube that has somewhat mystifyingly garnered over 1 million views since first being posted in 2008.

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